Griffith Rehabilitation Hospital offers a purpose built, non-chlorinated, heated hydrotherapy pool. The water temperature is set at a comfortable 34 degrees celsius. Access to the pool is via stairs or with a seated hoist if needed.

Hydrotherapy allows patients who have undergone surgery or medical illness to perform exercises in the non-chlorinated, heated water they would not be able to perform out of the water. The non-weight bearing, healing properties of the heated water can provide soothing relief.

The natural resistance provided by hydrotherapy enables patients to perform strength and flexibility exercises and helps regain or enhance physical wellbeing in a warm relaxing environment.

Griffith Rehabilitation Hospital has a spacious fully equipped therapy gymnasium located next to the pool. Equipment includes recumbent exercise bikes, treadmills, motomeds, step machine, weights, Pilates equipment, along with therapy benches and bars. All sessions in the gymnasium are supported by a Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist.

Griffith Rehabilitation Hospital has an outdoor mobility garden with a range of surfaces including steps, gravel, grass and uneven paving. This space allows patients to practice walking safely over different terrain in a controlled environment supervised by a Physiotherapist.

Our occupational therapy kitchen is designed so patients can practice kitchen and cooking skills under the guidance of an Occupational Therapist. The Occupational Therapist is able to make recommendations regarding positioning of frequently used items, provide equipment to improve independence and recommendations to maximise safety and competency when the patient returns home. Supervision of kitchen tasks allows the Occupational Therapist to assess mobility restrictions, sequencing, ability to problem solve, forward plan and follow instructions.

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