Day Rehabilitation

Our Day Rehabilitation Programs include orthopaedic and reconditioning group sessions as well as specialised groups for spinal and neurological conditions. Sessions are conducted in small groups in our comprehensively equipped gymnasium and non-chlorinated, heated hydrotherapy pool. Within the groups, patients are provided with individually tailored programs by their Physiotherapist.


Griffith Day Rehabilitation Referral Form


Sessions at Griffith Rehabilitation Hospital are aimed at regaining independence, maximising mobility and function, restoring confidence and improving quality of life.

Sessions are 2 to 3 hours duration, 2 or 3 times per week. Most programs continue for 6 to 8 weeks. At the commencement of the program, goals will be discussed with the patient and rehabilitation team and reviewed throughout the program. Patients are required to be committed to their program and to contribute and be motivated towards achieving their goals.

  • Clothes appropriate for physiotherapy / gym sessions (eg, tracksuit pants or shorts and short sleeve shirts)
  • Comfortable, well fitting shoes with enclosed heels
  • Bathers
  • Towel
  • Please do not bring talcum powder

A Doctor's referral is required to access our Day Rehabilitation Programs. A simple referral can be faxed directly to our Day Rehabilitation team on 08 8298 5520. Your Doctor can also access referral forms through our eReferrals portal on our website. Please ensure your contact details are on the referral.

Most private health hospital insurance, workers compensation, Compulsory Third Party and Department of Veterans’ Affairs will fully cover your cost. Our staff will check your cover prior to commencement of your program.

Day Rehabilitation Programs

Our orthopaedic programs are structured for patients following orthopaedic surgery such as total hip and knee replacements, shoulder surgery, and following fractures, soft tissue injury and arthritis.

We offer a comprehensive, individually based program in our fully equipped gymnasium. Hydrotherapy in our non-chlorinated, heated hydrotherapy pool is offered to all suitable patients in our orthopaedic program. Patients who do not want to attend hydrotherapy are offered a gym based program.

Our neurological programs are designed for patients with acute and chronic neurological conditions such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, brain injury, multiple sclerosis, peripheral neuropathy, balance disorders, Guillain Barre syndrome and vestibular conditions.

Neurological rehabilitation aims to aid recovery from a nervous system injury and to minimise and / or compensate for any functional deficits resulting from it.

Our programs are individual and personalised, and can focus on improving mobility, increasing independence at home and in the community, or simply maintaining current level of ability.

We also offer individual programs with our Neurophysiotherapist for those who require one-on-one therapy.

Our reconditioning programs are designed for patients following cardiac surgery, general surgery, medical illness such as respiratory or cardiac issues, general decline, diabetes, falls and balance difficulties and general deconditioning.

Deconditioning and weakness as a result of surgery, illness or bed rest can significantly impact mobility, management of activities of daily living, thought processes and confidence, and can affect continence.

Our reconditioning programs offer individualised goal orientated programs to assist patients to regain strength, mobility and confidence to improve quality of life and maximise independence.

These programs help patients with decreased strength or balance, related to age or illness and can benefit those at risk of falls. Individual programs are goal focused and tailored to personal preferences and abilities.

Our back care programs are suitable for patients with back pain, scoliosis, sciatica, degenerative disc disease, herniated disc or following spinal surgery. These programs focus on improving core muscle strength and stability through a combination of hydrotherapy and exercises. A focus on correct posture, manual handling techniques, strength and flexibility aims to help patients achieve their optimum physical function, manage pain and improve quality of life.

Hydrotherapy in our non-chlorinated, heated hydrotherapy pool is offered to all suitable patients. Patients who do not wish to attend hydrotherapy are offered a gym based program.

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